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At Aster, we believe a child is life’s greatest gift and this gift has to be nurtured & cared for. As the name suggests, Aster Nurture is a program that aims at nurturing, caring and protecting the mother and the new born baby from the time when the mother conceives till when your child is 5 years old.

"Our brand promise ‘We’ll Treat You Well’ is about our commitment to bring the finest healthcare services within the reach of everyone. But it is not just affordability that makes us a class apart in the realm of healthcare. We believe quality is the heartbeat of modern medical sciences, and we go to great lengths to deliver services that have already been recognized with some of the most sought-after awards and certifications. Accessibility is another important focus area for us. We have an ever growing network of hospitals, clinics and pharmacies that are well-equipped to cater to the changing needs of millions around the world."


Overall Eye Assessment Procedures:

  • Computerised eye testing and prescription of glasses.
  • Intraocular pressure monitoring by routine tonometer and Applanation tonometer
  • Indirect ophthalmoscopy.
  • Slit lamp exam with 90 D and 3 mirror lens.
  • Gonioscopy.
  • Routine sac syringing and Dacryocystogram


At Aster Aadhar the Ophthalmology Department has under it various Specialty Clinics which are Cataract, Contact lens clinic, Glaucoma clinic, Squint & Paediatric clinic, Retina Clinic
Depending on the various diagnostic modalities , surgical interventions are planned for various ophthalmic cases.


Cataract Clinic :

  • Diagnostic Tools :
    • A Scan.
    • B Scan for Trauma cases.
  • Surgical Intervention:
    • Small incision sutureless cataract surgery.
    • Phacoemulsification of cataract with foldable IOL.
    • Multifocal IOL’s.

Contact Lens Clinic :

  • Autorefractometry.
  • Contact Lens Fitting.
  • Daily/Monthly disposable lenses.
  • Cosmetic lenses(Coloured)

Glaucoma Clinic :

  • Diagnostic Tools :
    • Tonometry
    • Gonioscopy
    • Perimetry
  • Surgical Intervention:
    • Laser iridotomy with Yag Laser

Squint Paediatric Clinic :

  • Diagnostic and Clinical Tools :
    • Examination and Evaluation of Child by paediatric ophthalmologist.
    • Refraction under mydriatrics.
  • Surgical Intervention:
    • Various squint correction surgeries.
    • Amblyopia treatment.

Retina Clinic :

  • Diagnostic Tools :
    • Indirect Ophthalmoscopy
    • Fundus camera for evaluation of various retinal diseases, Optic nerve and Macula.
    • Fluorescein Angiography
    • OCT
    • Neuro Ophthalmology
    • Laser Techniques
    • Laser Photocoagulation for:
        • a)Diabetic Retinopathy
        • b)Retinal Vascular Occlusion
        • c)Macular Diseases
        • d)Prophylaxis for Retinal Detachment
        • e)Retinopathy of Prematurity
        • f)Retinopathy of Pre eclampsia
  • Various Retinal Surgeries:
    • Retinal Detachment Surgery
    • Ocular Trauma Care Unit
    • Vitrectomy
    • Post Cataract Surgery Complication Management.
    • Macular Surgeries
    • Intravitreal injections mainly Inj. Avastine


With the availability of in house physicians and anesthesiologist, diabetic and hypertensive patients are better managed and the surgeries under general anesthesia are planned properly.



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