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Social Initiatives

Organised Free Medical Check Up and Medicine distribution :

As a social initiative towards society, Aster Aadhar Hospital in association with Puskaraj Jadhav Foundation has organised free Medical Check Up and Medicine distribution for the devotees of Jotiba on the ocassion of Chaitra Ekadasi.
Almost 3000 devotees took the benifit of the camp.


Medical Health Check Camp:

On the occasion of Navaratri Utsav, Aster Aadhar Hospital organized a medical service camp at, Mahalaxmi Mandir premises in Kolhapur. The camp was for 8 days (16th October 2012 to 24th October 2012)
The camp was managed by a medial officer and executives of the hospital. The camp was successful, and a total of 600 devotees were benefited from our services.

The camp provided:

  • Round the clock Ambulance facility to the serious patients.
  • Blood pressure and Blood Sugar Monitoring
  • ECG recording and interpretation
  • Glucose water, regular and emergency medicine to all concerned.