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Dr. Arunkumar V. Deshmukh

Over 20+ years of Experience in Congenital Anomaly Surgery , Trauma, Cosmetic Surgery, Micorvascular Surgery & Maxillofacial Surgery
Education & Professional Experience

Education :- M.S. M.CH. DNB ( Plastic Surgery )

Professional Experience :-

Specialization in

1) Congenital Anomaly Surgery

a)Cleft lip and Palate,

b)Ptosis Corrections

c) Ear Defects

d) Hypospadius

e) Hand Anomalies

2) Trauma –

a) Repair of Facial Wounds

b) Hand Surgery

c) Correction of Defects and deformities

3) Cosmetic Surgery-

a) Facial Rejuvenation ,Botox,Fillers

b) Rhinoplasty

c) Breast Enlargements with Implants

d) Liposuction, Abdominolpasty ,Tummy Tuck

e) Blepharoplasty,Ptosis

4 ) Micorvascular Surgery –

a ) First Successful free vascularised tissue transfer

b) Jaw Reconstruction

c) Tissue Transfer for Complex Extremity trauma and function

d) Tissue Transfer for post malignancy defects in head neck area

e) Replantation of amputated fingers ,hand, ears,etc.

f) Hand and hand forearm replant

5) Maxillofacial Surgery-

Treatment of fracture Mandible ,Zygoma,Maxilla,Nasal Bones 

Date of Joining

01 Jan, 2010

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