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The latest Event from Aster Medical Centre

Free Helmet Distribution

From : 27 Sep 2016 , Tuesday 5:00 pm

To : 27 Sep 2016 , Tuesday 7:00 pm

As part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative and also to increase awareness amongst the masses for wearing helmets, Aster Aadhar Hospital in a function organised in association with Shivaji University, Kolhapur at Senate hall distributed free helmets to the staff members of Aster Aadhar Hospital.

The dignitaries present for the function were Dr. Ulhas Damale (Managing Director, Aster Aadhar Hospital), Dr. D.R.More (Director, B.C.U.D., Shivaji University), Mr. Bharatkumar Rane (Home D.Y.S.P., Kolhapur Police), Mr. Sachin Ithape (Sub-Divisional Officer, Kolhapur District Administration). Also few helmets were distributed to the representatives of White Army and students of Shivaji University.

For this function Mr. B.Jeyakumar, Mr. Shivanand Aparaj, Mr. R.R.Deshpande, Dr. Shivaji Banke, Dr. Prakash Kolnoorkar, Hospital staff members and Shivaji University students were present in large numbers.

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