The Department of Anesthesia, at Aster Aadhar hospitals provides comprehensive anesthesia care, which includes preoperative, postoperative, critical care and pain relief services. It functions from a suite of germ free; laminar flow operating theatres equipped with ceiling mounted microprocessor controlled anesthesia workstations, multiparameter monitors and volumetric infusion devices.

Comprehensive Anesthesia Care is provides ambulatory anesthesia and anesthesia care outside the operating suite i.e. CT scan, MRI sedation, cardiac cauterization laboratory and labor analgesia.

Types of Anesthesia protocols provided to patients for surgical intervention are :

General Anesthesia
regional anesthesia
subspeciality anesthesia : Cardiac / Neuro / Pediatric / Urology / Ortho / High Risk Obstretics / Ent – Opthalm / Laproscopic / Burns Plastic
Critical Care services
Blue code system
Mechanical ventilation
ABG Interpretation

Specialized procedures carried out by the department include:

Stellate ganglion block
Lumbar sympathectomy
labor analgesia
peripheral nerve block for pain
Invasive hemodynamic monitoring
Lumbar epidural for pain
Trigeminal Neuralgia – block

We also assist and manage the ICU and postoperative wards round the clock. This Department supports all the specialties at the hospital allowing them to achieve their full potential while giving top priority to patients’ safety and comfort.

Pain Management

Our postoperative pain management care is specially designed for. Paediatric, elderly, obese, obstructive sleep apnoea etc. Patient controlled analgesia regimes are evaluated and given on case basis to allow a pain free, post-operative period


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