Interventional Radiology

Aster Aadhar hospital, department of Radiology is equipped with high quality imaging machines.
We are providing quality imaging services in modalities like CT, USG, Doppler, Mammography and X-Ray.

Department of Radiology is well equipped with following machines :

  • Multi Slice CT-High Speed Dual Slice CT Scanner from G.E. Inbuilt with advanced post processing like 3-D,MPR and MIP for Angiographies.
  • USG and Doppler – Logic P5 (GE)- USG-Doppler machine with 4D and echo facility.
    X-300 PE (Siemens)-USG/Doppler machine with echocardiography facility.
    Logic – E notebook portable USG/Doppler and echocardiography facility.
  • X-Ray – Siemens 300 MA.
    Siemens High frequency 100 MA(3) machines
    Allegers – Mammography machine.

All X-ray Machines + Mammography is further supported by AGFA Digital (CR 35X) and printer ( Dryster AXYS)

Sooner we are looking 1.5 t. MRI machine for better diagnostic output.

  • Presently we are providing imaging services in above modalities and doing image Guided interventional procedures in USG and CT.
  • We are doing all conventional procedures as well.
  • Now again we are having DSA Machine for conventional Angiographies.

With the help of well trained staff and radiologists, Radiology department is serving and helping to other consultant of Aster Aadhar Hospital for better diagnostic outcome and patient care as early as possible.


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