Pathology – Facilities & Services

  • Investigations in Haematology, Biochemistry, Histopathology and Microbiology.
  • Works 24 hrs a day x 7 days a week

Biochemistry :

  • Routine tests like Glucose, Cholesterol, Creatinine, Urea, liver function tests, lipid profile etc. are being done on fully automated Autoanalyzers ( ACE ALERA ).
  • Special tests like cardiac markers (including Trop T, pro BNP) & glycosylated hemoglobin are carried out on automated Rosch instrument
  • The lab also has a fully automated Blood Gas Analyzer (US instrument – NOVA) – important in treating critical patients in ICU & NICU
  • The quality of results is assessed by internal as well as external quality controls.

Hormone assay & Immunology :

  • All serological hormone tests including thyroid function tests, prolactin, FSH, LH, cancer markers ( CA 125, CEA, PSA, AFP etc.) are carried out on automated hormone assay
  • It also conducts various infectious markers including hepatitis markers, TORCH tests etc.

Haematology :

  • The routine blood counts are done on 3 – Part Auto analyzer ERMA (Japan).
  • Various haematology profiles like coagulation profile, DIC profile, thrombotic profile have been developed to cater to various clinical conditions. For this purpose lab has fully automated coagulometer & factor assay instrument.


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