At Aster Aadhar Hospital’s Department of Family Medicine, our team of specialists partner with you and every member of your family to develop one-on-one relationships that cover your emotional as well as physical health care needs. Our doctors are well versed with broad spectrum knowledge of organ systems and diseases for the entire family.

In addition to routine check-ups, our doctors play an important role in the health assessments and treatments following specialist intervention. Additionally, emphasis is placed on health awareness and screenings for a healthier community at large.


Routine checkups

The diagnosis, treatment and management of acute and chronic diseases

Health assessments

Routine screenings for the diagnosis of conditions such as cancer, diabetes and blood-pressure


The prevention of a host of communicable and non-communicable diseases by means of vaccinations and immunisation, as well as maintaining vaccination schedules for children and adolescents to ensure healthy growth and development

Consult with our doctors

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Dr. Avinash Kumbhar

Consultant - Family Medicine


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